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  • Rose

    Cover up

  • flower of love

    The dagger, with the words “self destruction”, remind me that no matter how hard life gets, there’s no reason to self destruct like i did in the past. The rose reminds me that there is always love and life everywhere… [ read more ]

  • Wolf with Rose

    The wolf with a rose tattoo, to me, signifies beauty in darkness. The wolf is generally seen as a predator, while the rose and its beauty comes with the pain of the thorns. I chose the wolf to recognize strength… [ read more ]

  • Jesus

    Signifies my belief in Christ. Beautifully done by amazing artist Megan Hoogland at Mecca Tattoo in Mankato, MN.

  • Beautiful Pain

  • Beautiful Pain

    I see alot of tattoos with similar ideas, such as the pheonix. I began my work at 19 (I am now 21), I have my sleeve, a partial half sleeve, and my chest piece. The throat is my newest. But… [ read more ]

  • Rose Hand Tattoo

    It is one of my favorite images to tattoo being a rose and on one of my favorite locations to tattoo on the body which is the hand.

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