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  • Rose Hand Tattoo

    It is one of my favorite images to tattoo being a rose and on one of my favorite locations to tattoo on the body which is the hand.

  • Rose Coverup

    When I was 18, I impulsively had a fairy tattooed on my back. I hated it immediately. I visited various artists to try to fix it, but it was a complete failure. I even had laser sessions done to remove… [ read more ]

  • time piece quarter sleeve

  • True love never dies

    I asked my husband for a special first anniversary gift. So he created a self portrait of his tattooed hand holding my favorite flower as my surprise gift. His hand will forever be on my thigh until death do us… [ read more ]

  • Rose

    I love roses.

  • Rose

    The rose represents Portland, the city of roses, which is located in Oregon, the rose state. Portland is the place I feel most at home.

  • Underboob tattoo

    No true significance but I saw an sternum design with lace and fell in love with it and the idea of it instantly. Obsessively researching and trying to create the perfect design, my tattoo artist put it together and there… [ read more ]

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