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  • Roses

  • Webb and Rose

    Nice addition to my backside

  • rose

    Being my second head tattoo, I was happy how this piece came out. I got the opportunity to practice this specific technique which is more delicate and superficial.

  • Sleeve

    I love all of them as I made them in a certain period of my life.I have one covered tattoo from my 16 but still love it.

  • Black and grey rose filler

    This work shows my improvement as an artist. I have been working hard to learn and grow in doing what I love and this is one of the first pieces that really shows what I can do if I work… [ read more ]

  • Inner peace

    I have severe depression and anxiety and roses can sometimes symbolize inner peace, and to me, my rose tattoo is a way for me to show that I have gained inner peace and that I am in control of what… [ read more ]

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