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  • rose and butterfly death

    means my battle to survive and walk again after a serious accident. the rose emerges just from a scar (not visible in the pic), and symbolizes the fight for life with spines and troubles. and the butterfly comes as a… [ read more ]

  • Rose With ribbion

    This tattoo is really special to me because it is to honor the hardships my mom has overcome through a tough medical emergency.

  • Palms

    Simply for fun. I like the fact that I can express myself as an individual, so these were just cute additions to the art I’ve collected on the rest of my body.

  • Rose

  • 16 and crazily Inked

    Nature love

  • 16 and crazily inked

    It shows my passion for nature

  • Rose

    This tattoo is a picture of Mark Ryden’s Rose painting. It represents fear and sadness.