• rose

    roses are u neek ideas not many guys do this and andy from bugaboo tattoos done this and the skulls on the other side of my forarm

  • Arm sleeve outline

    Artist : Matthew Fragner (Matthew Inked) at Art In Soul in New Paltz NY.

  • pin up

    To me it shows power in women! I shows to me no matter what people say to me I will do this and keep proving them wrong. Women are strong.

  • Zebra Rose

    This sleeve is dedicated to my mom and her favourite animal is a zebra, but it’s kind of hard to tattoo a zebra, so we got creative.

  • Underboob

    Tells two nice and sweet but by adding the dagger gives it a little but of an edge

  • Upper Back Piece

  • Family

    It’s about my Family!! There are 12 members in my close family ….and there are 12 flowers around the skulls! FAMILY…where life begins & love never ends