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  • Butterfly knife

  • Traditional red rose small colour

    This was a red rose that I found at a tattoo convention done by Michael tattooing for “ON2U in Saskatoon SK” fell in love with it and had to have it, to me it signifies my grandmother ” Rose violet… [ read more ]

  • Portrait sleeve

  • gipsy

    In a very dark period for me, I decided to tattoo “she”, to remind me to have the strength to go on and be strong, a bit like a gypsy who follows his time, I have to find my own…. [ read more ]

  • Rose

    Simple of my name

  • rose

    roses are u neek ideas not many guys do this and andy from bugaboo tattoos done this and the skulls on the other side of my forarm

  • Arm sleeve outline

    Artist : Matthew Fragner (Matthew Inked) at Art In Soul in New Paltz NY.