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  • Religious Sleeve

    This sleeve was designed to be in memory and honor of several family members who battled cancer, and my Dad, who lost that battle. Chris Barton from Sacred Heart Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia, did an amazing job designing this piece,… [ read more ]

  • Vagina Rose

    I’ve always thought rose tattoo’s looked like vagina…

  • Hand with Roses

    Tattoo by Liam Kerr @ Needlework Tattoo in Lightwater UK. Traditional hand holding rose stem in black shading. “Reminds me of my mum’s rose bushes growing up”

  • Diamond Rose

    Done by Bob Leach! He just moved to sunny Florida from Bristol, UK

  • Crescent Dream Catcher

    The one on my back is in memory of my grandmother, and the one on my leg (dreamcatcher) reminds me also my grandmother, as well as my mother and sisters because we do have a huge interests in Native American… [ read more ]

  • Rose Butterfly Garden

    This tattoo was my third tattoo. Its significance to me is of new life and memory of family member.

  • Foxes and Roses

    Each of my tattoos has significance in that they simply make me feel more complete. They make me enjoy looking in the mirror at my reflection, which is something I had always avoided doing before. And someday I hope that… [ read more ]

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