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  • 16 and crazily Inked

    Nature love

  • 16 and crazily inked

    It shows my passion for nature

  • Rose

    This tattoo is a picture of Mark Ryden’s Rose painting. It represents fear and sadness.

  • Rose & Wolf

    The wolf stands for the fact I consider myself a lone wolf and the skull and rose remind me to live life to the fullest.

  • Red rose and lace

    For me one of the coolest tattoos i did lately and it’s just a bit different you dont see something like it as fast :)!

  • Roses of Blue

    The tattoo started out as just patchwork all over. Skull with a cross and wings to represent a fallen friend from the war, a pin up girl for the Army and last name in old english. The roses and rest… [ read more ]

  • Davey johns locker

    Love the culture and value behind the story of Davey Jones.


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