• Custom Freehanded Sleeve

    Kinda symbolizes my Love an Hate kinda lifestyle. Plus its a completely fucking EPIC sleeve freehanded with custom mixed colors.

  • Skull mum and dad

    It demonstrates the idea even in death mum and dad are the two people that matter the most in my life

  • Color Chest Piece/Forearm

  • roses

    first step for a.chest piece for my soon to be born daughter. in between the roses a ribbon should go across with her name while in the background a rising sun and clouds because shes my piece of heaven.

  • Endless Love

    I believe in endless love and I’m not afraid to show it. I did not get a name tattooed on me, I went for it and got a portrait. I don’t think any tattoo should be a regret even if… [ read more ]

  • sleeve in progress

    There is no specific significant reason I got this other than I liked the drawing I drew and decided to just go and get it tattooed on me.

  • sleeve in progress

    For this specific tattoo there is no big significant meaning I got this tattoo because I was really into the this drawing I drew and I just said what the heck why not tattoo onto me.