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  • The Right Rabbit.

    My first tattoo and the start of a wonderland inspired leg sleeve. In the rose is my nans birthdate as she was always there to show me the beauty in the little things and loves Alice in Wonderland as much… [ read more ]

  • The Anchor and the Rose

  • Roses for Rose

    These we’re made or my Little sister and niece named Rose.

  • Vintage skull with rose and jewels

    The meaning of the skull is the change that my life had in recent times, the rose near the ear recalls my hairstyle, the old jewels are related to my passion for vintage and art decò elements represent my passion… [ read more ]

  • Neck tattoo

    I have a pocket watch and a rose on my neck, I was obsessed with pocket watches as a kid , the time is set on 12:22 the date I got with my man 😉 8 years strong .

  • The Rose

    “Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense.” Mark Overby

  • X-Ray of the Delicate Rose

    This tattoo covers up scars on my outer thigh. The rose represents someone delicate, fragile, and beautiful. Someone, like me, who is flawed and scarred yet holds the composure of confidence and securities.The x-ray shows that when you meet those… [ read more ]

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