• Guitar&Roses

    My love of life, in symbols. Roses sybolise the person I believe to be, my soul; wildness, danger, vulnerability, and the hiding beauty deep inside; the guitar-shaped key actually refers to one specific person, who gave my life a meaning,… [ read more ]

  • Mother’s Day

    My favorite flower (Rose) & I love music

  • Death by a Rose

    The rose was done by wonderful artist Yasmine Anderson, it was placed at her discretion. I love roses and wanted a realistic rose and so I went with this. The heart is a fun little tattoo that I have always… [ read more ]

  • 2nd session on thigh piece

    Done by artist @Matthew_inked @ Art In Soul in New Paltz, NY

  • Not Of This World Girl

    NOTW= Not Of This World which means: as a Christian I may be in this world but I am not OF this world. My home is Heaven not earth.

  • Rose Dreamcatcher Thigh Tattoo

    I got this tattoo for my parents after my dad’s thirteenth surgery, his second open heart surgery. He is 46 and my best friend. My parents mean everything to me. So I got this tattoo the rise party for my… [ read more ]

  • Beautiful lie