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  • Sexy skull and rose side piece

    This tattoo means a lot to me…round towards my back I have my family name. I love skulls and this ones smiling. I love flowers especially roses and my favour colour is blue. Plus lace is just sexy.

  • Walking away clean

    It is a poem written by me with scenery around it to match the feeling

  • Red Rose

    This tattoo is June’s flower, the month my nephew was born. It is traditional, bold and free.

  • rose

    My youngest daughters tribute

  • rose

    My youngest daughters tribute

  • heart remember

  • What lies beneathe

    My client told me the story of her very much admired family, her grandmother being one, whom struggled with illness and suffering, but maintained her beauty; her name was rose, which is why that flower was chosen. My client also… [ read more ]

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