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  • Chest Cover up

    It was a cover up idea and I absolutely love it

  • Intuitive Gypsy

    The gypsy represents my love for experiencing new things, accepting change and willingness to adapt to being out of my comfort zone. My bat represents new birth/transition.

  • Art Tattoo

    Roses are my favorite flower and one of the first things I taught myself how to draw. I have paintbrushes to symbolize my passion for art which ties into the rose being something I learned to draw early on.

  • Wandering Roses

    This was a cover up of the original single rose on the shoulder blade when I was 18. That was 23 years ago. After searching for years, in 2015 I finally saw the work of Tim Furlow out of Atlanta… [ read more ]

  • Echoes of Time

    This tattoo represents the time my son born. After 15 years, several appointments many needles and countless tics of the clock, my son came into this world.

  • Skully


  • Adding on soon!

    i don’t know who goes through this submissions. But i have been curious about what opportunities you give for modeling for your magazine. I know this is the only tattoo i have right now but i plan on adding more… [ read more ]

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