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  • Finally New Begginings

    Well this very tattoo is the start to many new Begginings. Our with the old . This was a cover up over 3 cover ups. And I’ve been waiting to have it redone and finished for 4 years now.

  • Rose Coverup

    When I was 18, I impulsively had a fairy tattooed on my back. I hated it immediately. I visited various artists to try to fix it, but it was a complete failure. I even had laser sessions done to remove… [ read more ]

  • Time heals all wounds

    Time is the only thing that heals old wounds/scars

  • Angel roses heart

    My guardian angel watching over and protecting my heart. Also roses with saying “live with passion”- the motto I live by with my art, career, friends and family.

  • Rose

    The rose represents Portland, the city of roses, which is located in Oregon, the rose state. Portland is the place I feel most at home.

  • beauty can be dark and light

    It reminds me that beauty can be good and bad, though some may see it as good , it only lures you into the soul of one thatcan be bad.

  • Floral Chest Piece

    This is my very first tattoo (go big or go home). Roses are my birth flower, and I’ve always been captivated by beautiful floral designs. Tattooing is, to me, the most extreme and yet the most beautiful form of art…. [ read more ]

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