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  • Pour la naissance de ma fille

    I’ve made this tattoo for my daughter’s birth. And I love tea time !

  • Memento Mori Chest Piece Outline

    Decided on the design after finding out my mother had terminal lung cancer, with my father passing away two months earlier to cancer as well.

  • Skull and roses

  • Flower child

    Emphasis on the ravens, which traditionally represent death, or the approach of death, swarming around the blooming roses; I am finding the positive light in the two most common concepts: Life and Death.

  • love

    This tattoo covers my scar from having my two amazing children

  • Basic me

    Wow, where to start. I made my sleeve myself when I was very young. I started drawing it for fun and for quite a few years I waited for the perfect memories to go into filling the gaps. It became… [ read more ]

  • Fearfully and wonderfully made

    I love incorporating the meaning of the fearfully and wonderfully made tattoo from the book of psalm into my sleeve art. The Angel symbolizes strength and honor in overcoming obstacles while remembering to always be humble. This is just one… [ read more ]