• Dark Roses

    Roses symbolizing love.

  • Global Roses

    I have always wanted to travel the world. So for me, having a globe states my passion for travel.

  • Karma

    Karma is a huge factor in my life. And if you mess with Karma, she’ll bite back, hence the vampire teeth.

  • Trusting The Fall

    For me, a tattoo is a small reflection of your soul. This piece reminds me everyday that life isn’t about fighting the falls in life, it’s about learning to trust it because every negative occurrence in your life will always… [ read more ]

  • Calf Cross

    For me the cross represents myself. It has cracks in it and is being held together by the roses and vines. The two roses represent my friends and family. They are the two most important things to me and helped… [ read more ]

  • my tattoos

  • Limoore by Frederik Van den Broeck

    Limoore let come spring into her heart