• amazing back cover up

    I want to be surrounded with beauty, and nature. My work in progress was done by artist @tattoobandit562 Bandit Khoul . Thank you, @josiekat69

  • Black Crow

    This is my first tattoo but I think I’m going to have more It means a lot to me. In real life the crow is a negative figure but in past people thought it was a divinity. I found this… [ read more ]

  • Diamond in bloom

    My chest tattoo is purple roses with a diamond in the middle. I colored the roses purple because it’s my favorite color but mostly because it symbolizes enchantment. The diamond in the middle symbolizes my strength to continue to shine… [ read more ]

  • if you dont live for something, you’ll die for nothing.. carpe diem

    Words to live by – strength and wisdom “Carpe Diem” under left breast, and “If you don’t live for something, you’ll die for nothing” on side wrapped around skull and roses. Other – pistol and traditional roses on inner hip…. [ read more ]

  • ribs and roses

    I have three beautiful roses flowing down the ribs on to the booty hip. I love tattoos that accentuate curves on woman. So when I was 18 I went out and got my ribs done , over time making it… [ read more ]

  • Chest piece for daughter

    All about and for my 6 year old daughter! Her name, roses for her beauty, nautical star for her direction, 2 swallows facing each other for love and us being together as recently separated from wife, stars to symbolise without… [ read more ]

  • Skull & Roses

    Love this tattoo! Gorgeous twist on the traditional roses!