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  • InMemory

    my chest piece represents my grandparents and great grandmother who have all passed. Both my great grandmother and grandmother (who raised me) passed away from pancreatic cancer. Both of them loves roses. The azalea that is at the bottom is… [ read more ]

  • skull and roses

    I love it!

  • Traditional style skull and roses Thigh piece

    It’s just a beautiful traditional style piece of art and I enjoy seeing it on my body.

  • Venetian Mask

    This tattoo represents a trip to Venice and the mask brought back.

  • roses

    Represents the things we went through when my son was born. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks. He was born premature with under developed lungs and he couldnt eat on his own. Now he is a healthy strong… [ read more ]

  • Day of Dead beauty

    I personally love the Day of the dead faces and my artist drew this to perfection. It is a 3/4 sleeve in progress . Felix Puette is the artist at Three Fates Tattoo Navarre, Florida

  • When my Father became my angel

    This tattoo was a cover up of a smaller cross and wings, all in memory of my Father. The significance of the clock is that at 2:10 am, he became my angel. To honor the life of my Father on… [ read more ]

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