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  • lace and roses

    Each flower represents a family member and the lace stands forthe fabric that keeps us together.

  • LuckyBlack Cat

    The bllack cat represents my late grandmother, while the roses represent my other grandmother whom is still with us. The rose bush blossoms from dying black/white to alive and colorful which means to me “something good can always come from… [ read more ]

  • Metal Skull&roses

    The skull for me signifies a life after death, new beginnings and a fresh start.

  • UV ink roses

    The 3 roses represent each family member; my dad, sister, and mom. The rose is all 3 of their favorite flower.

  • Beast

    I always went for Japanese and decided to switch it up..

  • Stay trill

    I was raised in Texas for some part of my life so that’s why I got stay trill…it’s a way of living but that’s my opinion…

  • Grandpa Love

    This tattoo for me is the memory of my granpa, he died the last year and he was a sailor.


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