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  • Roses traditional

    Start of my sleeve. reminds me of my mum’s roses

  • U have to bite tge bullet

  • California Roses

    Born & raised in sunny California

  • remembrance

    This tattoo was done as a memorial to my mother who passed away in 09

  • Nein Bedauert

    “Nein Bedauert” means “No Regrets” in German. I believe that no one should regret anything at all. No matter if it is a positive or a negative thing, everything happens for a reason and it makes you who are today.

  • Henna/Mehndi Sleeve

    Just someone that’s unique and not everyone has!

  • Aries Zodiac / Roses

    My sign fits my perfectly. I’m a full blown Aries 😉 but instead of going with the typical horn like symbol , I wanted something that would make others look a bit deeper into there zodiac sign like it did… [ read more ]

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