• roses

    No matter if you’re on good terms or bad terms you always love eachother.

  • Side piece

    This tattoo is a huge cover up. Before my artist Tyler nolan out of Vatican tattoo studio is ft Lauderdale fl. The tattoo was a mess. From my neck to my hip was bad thick black lines. Butterflies that looked… [ read more ]

  • Elephant

    When something means so much to you, it’s a need to express it without any words. To share it with everyone in silence.

  • Hip roses

    Fine piece of art. Lady gaga roses inspired

  • Limoore by Frederic-D

    Limoore by Frederic-D Photography

  • Roses up my ribs with my Dachshund

    I love Roses and I love Dachshunds! I think its sexy & I love my Ink

  • Back To Nature

    I designed this tattoo to symbolize the beauty of nature, my love for it and to show how nature always has a way of reclaiming everything in the end.