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  • Inked Dreams to Tatted Reality

    Everything. They signify my past which helped me to survive and arrive to present. They give me strength and hope and I wear them proudly.

  • Black and grey rose filler

    This work shows my improvement as an artist. I have been working hard to learn and grow in doing what I love and this is one of the first pieces that really shows what I can do if I work… [ read more ]

  • Flowers (not finised yet)

    On my shoulders I have two roses with two owls near my chest a little. I got it, because I felt like I was growing as a person and flying my own direction after ending a long relationship with someone… [ read more ]

  • Roses

    My tattoo is a symbol of beauty in pain and remembering that all things heal with time

  • thigh/mirror/quote

  • Roses Skull

    the three roses represent my mother, father and sister. the rest of the in-progress sleeve doesn’t exactly have a personal significance to me i like the art and style and plan to continue it

  • Indian

    Tattoo of my family

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