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  • Sacred heart with rosary beads

  • Sacred Heart, Richard

  • sacred

    I was brought up in a traditional Catholic home, when i converted to Christianity, i decided that i needed to make a mark that would be permanent, as is my commitment to my Lord, so i decided to put that… [ read more ]

  • sacred heart hand tattoo

    it’s a work in progress.a half slave.starting on my hand with the sekret heart. my kids zodiac signs then flames. my heart burns for my family

  • Full sleeve

    My sleeve shows everything I’m into & shows who I am & what I’m about. My side explains how though I qo through a lot I’m still able to get through it. The back of my neck is my grandfathers… [ read more ]

  • mytat

    When I get married I will get my Husbands last name in it.

  • SacredHeart

    Family, enough said!

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