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  • sailors’ adventure

    It portrays my experience while I served in the Navy for four years.

  • American Traditional

    Love doing old school pieces. They are raw and require straight line work and solid color

  • Sail Away

    I designated my left arm to my family and heritage; I am currently in the process of finishing this arm. I will continue to use my tattoos to tell my life story! The ship itself is representation of my immediate… [ read more ]

  • hello sailor!


  • New School Sailor Jerry Skull Cross Bones Heart

    I love traditional Sailor Jerry flash art. All of my favorite pieces are traditional. I got this one in Las Vegas at the Skin Factory. For me, this piece represents my personality. I can be viewed as a pretty dark… [ read more ]

  • Sailor jerry proud maiden

    I am a big fan of Sailor Jerry, and am proud to sport this amazing piece done by my good friend on the island of Maui. American Traditional at its finest!

  • Traditional Clipper Ship by Judd Broome

    Judd Broome from Ink Spot Tattoo in Venice, FL did this piece. He did an amazing job on it and I was able to watch the whole creative process put to paper and then ofcourse my body. He is an… [ read more ]

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