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  • Sidepiece

    It says “Only God can judge me.” I don’t believe that people should be so quick to judge, that’s why I have it! -Mischa Joligard

  • Danny Wright

  • My Daughters Name

    My beautiful baby girls name.

  • Faithfully

    My wife wanted to et matching tattoos of “Faithfully” by Journey, which was our first dance song. This was her third tattoo and my first. I believe the font is called “Shit Happens” which was modified by my wife before… [ read more ]

  • Couple tattoo – this is love

    Got tired of wearing our wedding bands and this is what we came up with

  • Script

    A nickname I acquired throughout my journeys. Done by Bryan Neal of Brunswick,MD

  • representing my family

    This tattoo represents my mothers side of the family. She has always been religious and I wanted to show them how much they meant to me. So the script say “Fear none but God” a saying my mum always says…. [ read more ]

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