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  • Gypsy Soul

    Words of advice to from my old self to my future lovers.

  • Tattoo by Heavygold Chris @ink injection in spring tx

    Motivation tattoo

  • life motto life long friend

    It has been mine and my best friends life motto since we were kids. Good or bad no matter what It’s always an adventure. Basically it means always find the silver lining and don’t take life to seriously no one… [ read more ]

  • NEDA Lotus

    No description necessary.

  • Sin City

    This tattoo represents my attitude and where I came from

  • Dolce Far Niente

    Dolce Far Niente “The sweetness of doing nothing”

  • Nepali Script

    A lot has happened in the past year, growth & change have been the two biggest things. And I found a beautiful quote that made me realise that I can no longer hold onto the things that hurt nor can… [ read more ]

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