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  • Script

    A nickname I acquired throughout my journeys. Done by Bryan Neal of Brunswick,MD

  • representing my family

    This tattoo represents my mothers side of the family. She has always been religious and I wanted to show them how much they meant to me. So the script say “Fear none but God” a saying my mum always says…. [ read more ]

  • Strong

  • Reality

    The quote that I have on my arm, is very true to my life. It’s words to live by, each and every single day.

  • Daughter’s feet

    These are my daughter’s footprints. Her feet were wiped with tattoo ink then stamped onto paper to get the copy.

  • Love Gun

  • Passion & Dedication

    The one on my hand represents my endless, and fierce passion for music. The script on my foot is a quote for a best friend currently battling a rare heart disease.