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  • Imperial

    Being raised on Star Wars and listening to the Imperial March song that played when I put coins in my Darth Vader piggy bank every day, it was only right that I got this.

  • Death before dishonour

    It was in a drawing my late father did and I did it in his memory aswell as a dedicated sleeve for him on my left arm

  • rest in peace

    My grandparents who passed away.

  • I walked with you…

    Disney has been my favourite thing since I was a foetus pretty much, and I knew I wanted a gothicy, fancy twist on a tattoo – not just a pink and fluffy princess piece. I saw Antony Flemming’s previous work… [ read more ]

  • Owl’nt you cute

    I decided on this tattoo during second year at uni, after passing my exams and being shortlisted for placement. The writing is in Greek and states ‘Knowledge is Power’. Which is certainly true for me.

  • 5/8 11

    5/8-11 UNC is a standard bolt size. Myself and 3 friends who are machinists got matching tattoos of what we jokingly agreed was our favorite bolt size upon being transferred to different duty stations. Work was done by Shane Tyner… [ read more ]

  • Drawn by Me

    I drew this tattoo myself for my son.

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