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  • My Latest Tatto (Script across my legs)

    Well, I shall try my best to explain. Obove my script I have a hamsa hand tattoo with the evil eye. This tattoo shows the love I have for culture, my farther has the evil eye symbol placed around his… [ read more ]

  • Believe

    The word above my eyebrow says believe coz u should always believe in yourself even if others don’t. And the skulls and flowers are significant to me because they are dark and my life has been quite dark.

  • Knee highs w/ a Thigh high

    This tattoo is a bunch of different quotes i have selected that hold more meaning than what meets the eye.

  • New chest piece

    The saying of this tattoo means the world to me! It is exactly how I view things. “The best and most beautiful things are felt with the heart” – Helen Keller

  • Chest piece for daughter

    All about and for my 6 year old daughter! Her name, roses for her beauty, nautical star for her direction, 2 swallows facing each other for love and us being together as recently separated from wife, stars to symbolise without… [ read more ]

  • Until My heart Stops Beating

  • Side Piece “Grandmother Memorial, First Tattoo”

    This tattoo was my first, which makes it already very special but this tattoo is also a memorial for my grandmother. I had wanted a tattoo for awhile, but I never imagined that this would be my first. My grandma… [ read more ]