• Shinner Bmx Jellyfish

    This tattoo describes who I am and how I like to live my life. I like to flow with the life also jellyfish has this electricity power that means for me that even in the darkest moments I keep calm… [ read more ]

  • Through keyhole

    A set of elements that represent life, the lock sees nature through me. The largest animal of the seas.

  • Mermaid

    I just left the navy and wanted a sea inspired piece I love the mermaid face with the shells and ship color is beautiful and it’s such an interesting take on the usual mermaid look

  • Sea

    In this tattoo the flowers represent my grandmother and my mother the anchor and the boat wheel resent my grandfather who was a captain and my dad who also used to be a captain

  • Off to Sea

    My dad was a Sailor so this tattoo is dedicated to him.

  • Poseidon

    As a bodyboarder and lover of the sea , all my tattoos are linked to this element .

  • Alter Ego Mermaid

    I am a scuba diving instructor and I have always felt a kinship with the sea. The ocean is a siren call and it’s only right to honor that. It’s a very different tattoo than I would have gotten when… [ read more ]