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  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    I got the Dragon to compliment the phoenix over my shoulder, each has a king & queen symbolical view to me and in my life Ive had a lot of obstacles to overcome and it represents the strength I had… [ read more ]

  • WildChild

    Born to be free

  • Free like an Angel

    Tattoo for me is not just a design on the body is a way to express what I feel in art, I am a designer and I develop my own tattoos, is a way I found to immortalize my life… [ read more ]

  • Beard accesoir by Vru, Nankama art

    Photo by Nankama Art Photography

  • No matter what!! Family always comes first…

    This tattoo represent the whole respect i care about my family! Straight to heart..

  • sexy leg tat

    I’ve always wanted a leg tat that went from my ankle all the way to the top of my thigh…love how he drew it free-hand!

  • Limoore by Frederic-D

    Limoore by Frederic-D Photography