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  • Camo

    Its showin alot of my tats

  • Geisha

    Inspired by quiet beauty of the Japanese culture.

  • Geisha

    Inspired by quiet reserve. Beauty and grace.

  • zombie pin-up

  • ribs and roses

    I have three beautiful roses flowing down the ribs on to the booty hip. I love tattoos that accentuate curves on woman. So when I was 18 I went out and got my ribs done , over time making it… [ read more ]

  • Gun & Garter

    This tattoo is my favorite of all of my tattoos! It draws the most attention because of how real it looks, and it makes me feel sexy! It was done by my boyfriend and tattoo artist: Jeffery James of Eternal… [ read more ]

  • Sexy Silhouettes

    This tattoo represents my good & bad sides. I have an alter-ego, xXx-ChAse-xXx; of whom walks on the “wild side”.