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  • Hungry Great White

    Ever since seeing Jaws when it was first released as a pre-teen, I developed a love for sharks (yes,I cried when they killed Jaws.) Since then I have become passionate in the conservation of all sharks. During shark week on… [ read more ]

  • Asian Style Shark

    Always went to the cabin as a kid and never once did we not watch jaws. Love the Asian style tattoos. Got this bad ass piece done.

  • Shark Bite

    Portrait of Galaxy (Chihuahua/dachshund) wearing a shark costume by Craig Beasley done at the 2014 Jacksonville tattoo convention

  • sharky

  • Hammerhead Shark

    Got a lotta love for Hammerheads and the ocean. Also, a Marine Biology degree! _FirstPlaceTattoos

  • Doubleday Armor

    My wife, 2 sons, and I are all Pisces. This is my “Family” armor. A pisces (two fish) logo on each side. Each shark represents one of us. I am the Great White, My wife’s name is Kitty so she… [ read more ]

  • hammerhead

    Completes pirate sleeve.