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  • Water Color Low Poly Cat

    This tattoo celebrates the love of cats for my client. I love doing tattoos that celebrate a memory or attachment to a loved one whether that be an animal, family member or friend.

  • Jessica rabbit

    Jessica rabbit was my nickname for years and i had wanted a really pretty jessica rabbit tattoo for a long time. My artist Ian Preece did the most amazing job I have ever seen. Its one of the most incredible… [ read more ]

  • Native American Inspired Totem Pole Leg Piece

  • Stag Shin

  • Welcome to the Jungle

    Supports womens sexuality. Always have lived traditional work

  • arrow

    “an arrow cannot move forward without first being pulled backward” –even with life’s many setbacks I keep movin forward

  • 540691_2784870513639_161454196

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