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  • Floral Elegance

    This floral tattoo resembles the love of flowers my grandmother has. It refers to the script, which is in Swedish that I have on my two forearms. My grandmother is Swedish and she use to sing me a lullaby when… [ read more ]

  • snowflakes

    23 snowflakes on my 23rd birthday

  • Lotus flower in bloom

    It goes along with the quote below it on my ribs “you must do the thing you think you cannot do”. Moved across the country alone at 18, I have been married, divirced, started a motorcycle shop, left the shop… [ read more ]

  • Struggle=strength

    I have lived most of my adult life struggling day to day n many yet not so great situations but I’m still here and stronger than ever grateful for everything an everyone n my life!!!!

  • Nepali Script

    A lot has happened in the past year, growth & change have been the two biggest things. And I found a beautiful quote that made me realise that I can no longer hold onto the things that hurt nor can… [ read more ]

  • Scorpio

    Astrological sign

  • Shoulder Skull

    Realism and perfection


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