• Snow Leopard

    I wanted a tattoo of my favourite animal which is a snow leopard, i wanted something to stand out with some intensity as well as something different than the usual panther or tiger or lion tattoo. it has great significance… [ read more ]

  • Deadman Crow

    I’ve wanted to tattoo a crow for a long time and when the chance arrived I made it bomb.

  • Frog

    I work in the animal business ….love frogs.

  • Dragon

    This pic doesn’t really show the entire tattoo. His tail is a pot plant. When it is finished it’ll be purple and green. It’s my puff the magic dragon

  • Stars and Roses

    Represent family members and loved ones. Also represents me and my life! My trials, tribulations, and personality!

  • Stars and Roses

    Represents family members, loved ones, my spirituality, and personality! My tattoos are me and my life!

  • my fav

    It depicts my heritage.


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