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  • the kraken

    i am super drawn to the ocean, everything nautical is eye candy for me. this tattoo is a reminder to keep sailing onward even when life’s obstacles are trying to take you down.

  • desirable dreamcatcher

    this piece is exceptionally special because it is my one and only cover up piece. and it was also my first side/rib piece. my second tattoo was a cluster of stars that I’ve been dying to cover up since I… [ read more ]

  • Vines Up My Side

    My artist chose this design and then I did modeling for him and really enjoyed it and I would like to do more.

  • Abstract watercolor

  • Floral sidepiece

    Artist credit – Derek @ Trinity Tattoo Company – Longwood, FL

  • Native chic in top hat

  • my girly side

    I have a girly side I rarely show, so what better place than on my side that I barely show

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