• Side Piece

    Side Piece with my thigh tatt. My side piece says Hashgasha Pratis, which means Divine Providence aka everything happens for a reason. My thigh tatt is for my hubby – he loves dragons.

  • Karma

    I choose karma in Chinese because karma plays a strong role in my life.

  • side piece

    I was ran down by a car at high speed, dozens of surgeries later I started thinking of what the doctors put inside of me, this is the best I came up with

  • Boudica

    boudica was a Celtic warrior queen of the first century after Christ. She fought to liberate all the peoples of the Roman domination. She reminds me to fight for my ideals and never let me down.

  • panther

  • Inked Ambition

    Everyday before a professional football game because I am a pro athlete or before a acting/modeling gig I read my tattoo on my side for motivation to do the best and be the best! Bio Chris Wilson Age 20-27 Height… [ read more ]

  • Goodbye to my dad

    It was the song played at my wedding and also at the funeral for my father…