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  • Carnation in Memory of my Mother

    My mother passed away 5 years ago; I got this tattoo in memory of her because carnations were her favorite flower.

  • Dragon

  • Tree of Life

    It’s a Tim Burton inspired Tree of Life.

  • Ivy Vine

    It is my favorite tattoo so far. It will be the starting point to my body length jack n the beanstalk themed tattoo.

  • my story

    My struggle, strength to overcome

  • Wolf

    My last name is Wolfington. My dad was my biggest fan. He always meant the world to me. He was such an inspiration in my life. He died of complications of a lung transplant in 2006. I always wanted to… [ read more ]

  • Dark Love

    “He saw the darkness in her beauty, she saw the beauty in his darkness.” I was diagnosed with depression at the age of 20. I thought it was ridiculous and untrue until I realized I had been fighting a battle… [ read more ]

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