• family

    This tattoo has five stars each representi representing a family member. To always have a part of them with me always. Soon I plan to color the stars with each family members favorite color.

  • with pain comes strength

    This tattoo states with pain comes strength. I got it because I have gone through alot of hard breakups and been hurt alot but through it all it just made me stronger. I have the strength to keep going and… [ read more ]

  • Issues

    This tattoo is entitled ‘Issues’ inspired by my favorite band Korn and one of their hit songs.

  • Nurturing branch

    This tattoo represents my siblings as each bird their favorite color, and birds on a branch that comes from my mother’s favorite tree and represents her love for them all.

  • Someday I’ll fly away

    It means to me that some day I will be free and that I can do what I want, have no worries , pain or anything.

  • Tribute to a friend

    A very close friend was diagnosed with leukemia on December 12th, 2012. She fought her battle long and hard and after 9 months and defeating her illness she was taken from us on September 13, 2013 from pneumonia. I know… [ read more ]

  • Lock n Key

    A heart that has been locked and guarded; the key only works to unlock my heart for the “one”