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  • Qoute

    it means so much to me because its how i feel about the love of my love of my life even a moment with my significant other is everything.

  • Stomach Piece

    Garden of Eden

  • snowflakes and paw prints

    I got 23 snowflakes from hip over ribs up to my shoulder blade for my birthday- because it snows every year on my birthday- snowflakes are one of a kind, unique like me. I have my pitbull’s paw print and… [ read more ]

  • WaterColor I Just May

    This tattoo was done over a 11 hour (one sitting) with a return client.. My artist behind this piece of art is Hailee Ward. Shes been behind the scenes for 3 years.

  • Peacock

  • Mermaid under water scene

    I love the freedom of the ocean, and the power it has. It’s beauty is endless. The bound mermaid signifies that no matter the freedom we have, something always grounds us or keeps us living in reality. The koi fish… [ read more ]

  • side tattoo

    Tiger shows strength, flowers represent birth months my parents abd brothers were born, fish show determination and writing is written dedicated to the ones i love since it is dedicated to my family

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