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  • Peek-a-Boo

    I love the ocean as the waves symbolize as it’s peaceful, real and full of hidden treasures. And hibiscus flowers that grow near by with such color brings out something beautiful in something dangerous.

  • A tattoo

  • Autism love

    I got this tattoo done for my little brother who has autism it started with just one star the big one right above my hip bone and loved it so I had my little brother help be design the other… [ read more ]

  • Stars and Roses

    Represent family members and loved ones. Also represents me and my life! My trials, tribulations, and personality!

  • Stars and Roses

    Represents family members, loved ones, my spirituality, and personality! My tattoos are me and my life!

  • Octopus drowning girl

    It means don’t let your monsters drag you down and suffocate you. Don’t let your problems own you.

  • Nature Tattoo

    love of life!