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  • Sexy side piece.

  • Psalm 23:4

    I’ve had struggles with my family and with my life in general. I know I have God by my side every step of the way.

  • realistic flowers in black and grey

    As the tattoo artist submitting this piece as one of my favorites? I feel that this is a special piece for me because it represents my style and my favorite type of pieces I love to do. Although I am… [ read more ]


    This tattoo started as a tattoo in honor of my little brother who passed away… It started with the anchor, saying, and rope “J”… then I decided fuck it, lets make it a whole side piece for him… So then… [ read more ]

  • Compass and feather

    Each coordinate represents something different and the feather is for luck.

  • Rebirth

    I decided to get the Phoenix as a symbolism of my rebirth. I had just gotten out of a failed marriage and was beginning my own Army career.

  • Dreamcatcher “hope”

    I’ve always had a dreamcatcher in my room to get rid of negative energy. This tattoo represents that. My tattoo also says “hope” in the web of it for the fact that I base off a majority of my life… [ read more ]

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