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  • Goodbye to my dad

    It was the song played at my wedding and also at the funeral for my father…

  • Paws for a hug

    I got this for my dog she’s the first one I have personally owned, have always had family dogs. I got it so when I travel and she can’t come with me that I always have her with me. When… [ read more ]

  • Pink and grey sugar skull and lotus flower

    The skull represents death or closing a chapter in life and the lotus flower represents rebirth or new beginnings. So the flower coming out of the skull symbolizes to me the chance for a new with every ending….it’s hope to… [ read more ]

  • jizelle & Alize (daughters name)

    It’s my kids names, everyone who has their kids names has then all small on a study or maybe an arm, I wanted mine to tske up the wjole left side of my body!!!

  • 1st Tattoo – Eastern Bluebird

    My first tattoo which I got for my kids, if you don’t see the link then look again!

  • The kingfisher and The freesia

    This tattoo represents my grandma and my grandpa. The kingfisher is my grandpa as he loved them and the freesia is my grandma as she had a passion for her garden and it was her favorite flower. The writing is… [ read more ]

  • Paint Splatter Paw Print

    Tons! But all mine do lol this was done from my dogs actual paw print, she is a 3 year old lab/collie whose not only my best friend or little girl but my sobriety partner ūüėČ

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