• Good & Evil

    This tattoo represents the good and evil in myself. Everyone in life made good decisions and bad decisions so that’s where I got the idea for the tattoo. No matter what you do in like you will have some sort… [ read more ]

  • Pale Horse

  • proxy

  • IMG_20130315_205450

    This represents the toughest year i have had in my life. 2 car accidents, emergancy surgery, trouble with the law. Life ripped me to the core. There’s no muscle tissue cause i almost didnt have the strength to survive.

  • Fatimasacred

    It’s Our Lady of Fatima. The original artwork is by Tony Mash of Civilian Press and Robert Ryan did a fantastic job of recreating it and adding amazing detail. My name is Fatima and the piece really spoke to me.

  • P1050042

    This is a tatoo of Good Vs. Evil. I also got it for my wife whom is nick named Devil Angel for the different ways she can act…