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  • Connected

  • sexy and classy

    The blue flower is a cover up of my wedding. It was a horrible marriage. The rose represents blossoming to me. The skull represents overcoming something terrible and becoming beauty

  • only death stops time

    Im the artist and all of the tattoo work i do big or small is significant because the client is significant.

  • day of the dead

    Artist – Carl Coyne at The Tattooed Gent

  • Inked Dreams to Tatted Reality

    Everything. They signify my past which helped me to survive and arrive to present. They give me strength and hope and I wear them proudly.

  • Skull and lilies

    My newest piece is an addition to what I have. I have a tree of life on my upper back. It represents the beauty of life and down my side I have lilies. Now I have added a skull to… [ read more ]

  • skulls in skull

    we are all made up or our ancestors

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