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  • Finally New Begginings

    Well this very tattoo is the start to many new Begginings. Our with the old . This was a cover up over 3 cover ups. And I’ve been waiting to have it redone and finished for 4 years now.

  • Progress on the reaper

    Done by a close childhood friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time.

  • Skull

  • Tattoos by Big Joel

    All of my tattoos symbolize a portion of my life in which had an impact of my life. When people look at my tattoos all they see is an amazing piece of work, I see a story of where I’ve… [ read more ]

  • Dali inspired

    Dali inspired art, weird colorful and unique!

  • ink master 7 traditional

    it symbolizes my freedom of experience with life and my journey to become myself. as well as the skull representing my spirituality.

  • Sugar Skull

    This was a cover up of a poorly done, at home tattoo by someone I met at school. It was a TERRIBLE tattoo underneath and needed to be gone! 9 hours of work done on this tattoo in 3 total… [ read more ]

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