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  • hidden object

    My best friend, my boyfriend, has been in the business for about 5 years now and we have now owned our own tattoo shop for a year and a half. This tattoo represents his talent in drawing and art since… [ read more ]

  • Polynesian Mexican Skull

  • skull

  • sleeve in progress

    There is no specific significant reason I got this other than I liked the drawing I drew and decided to just go and get it tattooed on me.

  • sleeve in progress

    For this specific tattoo there is no big significant meaning I got this tattoo because I was really into the this drawing I drew and I just said what the heck why not tattoo onto me.

  • funky skulls by dave z james

    its my husband and i skull look a like …)

  • Sugar Skull – mans arm

    wife has one. been to Central America many times and have seen great art and ruins. Also got married in Mexico BTW