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  • Cute Ear Skull

    Cool ear tatt, am a barber in Blackpool & just been chosen to go on BBC and showcase my hair cutting… Want to show off this cool tatt done by Danny Woods, Retro ink, Blackpool

  • skull and roses

    I love it!

  • Traditional style skull and roses Thigh piece

    It’s just a beautiful traditional style piece of art and I enjoy seeing it on my body.

  • Spider Skull

    This tattoo was a lot of fun for me. I did this tattoo on a client that comes to get tattooed by me every Friday at 6 o’clock. This tattoo’s subject matter is right up my alley!

  • wings of death

    Protection from pain caused to the heart

  • Urban Skull

  • Lowrider Orange

    My right arm is in process to be labeled my beauty arm. I already have flowers on my upper arm (adding more for a sleeve) so I added the skull and flowers because whether we like to Admit or not… [ read more ]