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  • Swallow Bird & Deathbat

    The swallow represents love, care and affection towards my family and friends, and deathbat for Reborn!

  • sail your own sea

    After dealing with cancer, 6 months chemo, 2 surgeries and sever depression this shows that just cus life has stormy moments dorsnt mean ya cant get through it, i went from fightn for my life to now finally getting maried… [ read more ]

  • deaths hand

    I had this completed in 3 consecutive day sittings totalling 24 hours of work, this was done after my first cancer surgery after 6 months of chemo, its a reminder that as much as death holds the cards doesnt mean… [ read more ]

  • Death of Hope

    This is a memorial tattoo for my grandmother. the quote are song lyrics from slipknot snuff

  • Face of the Devil

  • Unmasking

    This tattoo was my commemorative divorce tattoo. For me it symbolizes my release from a life in which I was not able to be my true self. She reminds me daily to honor who I am and never wear the… [ read more ]

  • Skull rose

    Just love it

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