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  • Digital Desgin

    Biker To The Bone, Designed for my dad, this will be a neck peice for him.

  • InMemory

    my chest piece represents my grandparents and great grandmother who have all passed. Both my great grandmother and grandmother (who raised me) passed away from pancreatic cancer. Both of them loves roses. The azalea that is at the bottom is… [ read more ]

  • Steeler Reaper

    I am a die hard Pittsburgh Steeler fan and the moment I saw this image I knew I had to have it

  • Cute Ear Skull

    Cool ear tatt, am a barber in Blackpool & just been chosen to go on BBC and showcase my hair cutting… Want to show off this cool tatt done by Danny Woods, Retro ink, Blackpool

  • skull and roses

    I love it!

  • Traditional style skull and roses Thigh piece

    It’s just a beautiful traditional style piece of art and I enjoy seeing it on my body.

  • Spider Skull

    This tattoo was a lot of fun for me. I did this tattoo on a client that comes to get tattooed by me every Friday at 6 o’clock. This tattoo’s subject matter is right up my alley!