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  • Grafted Octopus with skull

    I have wanted an octopus tattoo for years and I wanted to let my artist run with it. He noticed that most octopus tattoos were either the standard octopus or a skull with tentacles so he wanted to change things… [ read more ]

  • Mi Vida Loca

  • Dragon fly

    Love it! Important to me on so many levels hard to pin up down.

  • Blur

    The skull represents mentality as beautiful. The skull signifying a known symbol of death (fear) and having the roses sprout from the skull to show it has life, it’s beautiful, it’s not fearful, it’s hope.

  • Gunshot

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    Originally I had racoon paw prints that replicated Eve’s on her chest. This signifies far more than my adolecent vanity tattoo. The skull signifies my skeletons and the rose signifies the beauty that came following the eye in the center… [ read more ]

  • My rose skull clock

    When it is all the way finished it will have an eye connected to it… and it means I have to keep an eye on my time because before you know it it’s all over… just reminds me not to… [ read more ]

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