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  • Lived chaos

    I started this tattoo in June of 2014. I was completely tattoo free and felt that I had lived enough experience to tell a great visual story. The premise started by showing the plates, rods, and screws that I currently… [ read more ]

  • Skull Bows

    Something that I really wanted, and it was the first time for the artist to do this style.

  • Nephew’z Cover up.

  • Chest skull

    The vampire tar biting into the wrist drawing blood means eternity to me and that love lasts an eternity.

  • on instagram

    represents who i am and how i look at life.

  • Good v evil

    The struggle of good against bad and making the right decisions done by Kev Heath cross street tattoo

  • Inkd model

    My tattoos mean everything to me, I keep my most important close to my heart on my chest, my sleeve has mixed meaning, my leg tattoo (microphone and flowers) are for my love of music, soon to be extended up… [ read more ]

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