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  • My favorite

    I love skulls!

  • See no evil hear no evil speak no evil

    It’s an old saying, the perfect way of being really cool; say no evil things about others, listen not to evil backstabbers, don’t be an evil lier yourself.. .(live and let live, what you give is what you get….etc)

  • Progress

    Because you can’t tell me I can’t.

  • Chest cover-up by Jeremy Temple of Electric Zombie Tattoo in Athens, PA

  • Time stops for no one.

    Time stops for no one.

  • Day of Dead beauty

    I personally love the Day of the dead faces and my artist drew this to perfection. It is a 3/4 sleeve in progress . Felix Puette is the artist at Three Fates Tattoo Navarre, Florida

  • My story

    It’s a sleeve that tells my life story

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