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  • Colorful

    They are very sexy. I love the color, it’s shows that’s I’m a bright person and attention to detail. The one on my stomach shows that my lower half is like a diamond and not just any man can have… [ read more ]

  • Justice For All

    I’ve been through a lot in life, especially in this last year. When I look at this tat, I see a strong, bad assed chic, I see a survivor. She reminds me that I too can/will survive. I can make… [ read more ]

  • Love Is Evil

    This tattoo is one of two matching tattoo’s for my wife and I. This is one of the first tattoo’s that I did on her and I am very pleased with how it turned out. I was really happy with… [ read more ]

  • Believe

    The word above my eyebrow says believe coz u should always believe in yourself even if others don’t. And the skulls and flowers are significant to me because they are dark and my life has been quite dark.

  • (R)emember (E)verybody (A)int (L)oyal …. & Thats REAL !


  • Scars can talk

    it was drawn part by my sister, part by me. is she tought about it looking back in my life. with the metaphores given to everyimage, i can read back in my past.

  • Side Peice Tattoo

    Its a star sign tattoo with a reference to my son who was 10 weeks premature. i also have an american indian theemed sleeve on my right arm and a few other peices dotted about my body,,, more planned for… [ read more ]