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  • Nice tattoo sleeve

  • Satanic Goat Sleeve

    It reflects on my beliefs/interests.

  • Return of the Living Dead zombies

    This is a great tattoo that I enjoy for the true art of it . I always been a fan of zombies and classic zombie horror movies .

  • Feathered sleeve

    This guy sat for 8 hours, because he wanted it done in one go. I love doing black and grey and loved the mixed of styles.

  • Time well wasted

    My sleeve was put together of all my freestyle motocross sponsors who helped me along in my career, my chest piece has the skull with wings which is my new clothing line logo, and the other side is a clock… [ read more ]

  • Sleeve outline

    The paper airplane is a matching tattoo I have with my best friend. I wanted to fill in the rest of my forearm with lace, so I got the outline done and will have it shaded soon!

  • Echoes of Time

    This tattoo represents the time my son born. After 15 years, several appointments many needles and countless tics of the clock, my son came into this world.

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