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  • Marvel leg sleeve

    It’s one tattoo that I have wanted for many years and never got round to having done I have always love the marvel universe so why get it tattooed

  • 08/04/14
  • Roses of Blue

    The tattoo started out as just patchwork all over. Skull with a cross and wings to represent a fallen friend from the war, a pin up girl for the Army and last name in old english. The roses and rest… [ read more ]

  • Davey johns locker

    Love the culture and value behind the story of Davey Jones.

  • Hibiscus Eplosion

    I’ve always been obsessed with flowers!

  • TradSleeve

    Time is fleeting.

  • Colored Sleeve

    My sleeve is based on the importance of time and how little you have. Time is fleeting.