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  • Koi Fish Leg Sleeve 1

    Love the work of the specific artist. Done by “Prime” of Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Mehndi and more

  • Henna style sleeve

    Inspired by a trip to South Korea

  • Music Life

    Music is life to me. Without it i don’t know where i would be

  • Threatened octopus.

    This tattoo is my confidence literally being worn on my sleeve. Octopus are bad ass creatures and they mean business. The octopus on my shoulder in this tatt is inking, as if it were threatens by another force and their… [ read more ]

  • Arm Skull

  • skull of inspiration

    I wanted something that represents me and my emotions, through hard times, feeling drained but always having the right positivity in mind. The skull for me represents tiredness, drained close to death and the butterflies represent a positive mind flowing… [ read more ]