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  • skull of inspiration

    I wanted something that represents me and my emotions, through hard times, feeling drained but always having the right positivity in mind. The skull for me represents tiredness, drained close to death and the butterflies represent a positive mind flowing… [ read more ]

  • Koi fish half sleeve

    This tattoo was done by “Prime” in Las Vegas Nevada. It was my first large tattoo I got it for my 18th birthday. I mainly got it for the beautiful artwork. Prime is an amazing artist and I wanted some… [ read more ]

  • Sleeve so far

  • Sleeve in progress by Dan Henk

    My twin brother overdosed on heroin june 3rd 2013. This is a dedication sleeve to us. From organic to a decent into hell on how both our lives were tortured. My sacrifices and his inner demons were twin bonded as… [ read more ]

  • my 1st 1/2 sleeve finished

    something i want to represent for a while

  • new

    alice in wonderland

  • heros

    Tattoos that have all meaning and a lot of own design