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  • sleeves

    Greek sleeve and Mixed lily and insect sleeve

  • Dark

    It’s like my second skin. I think it’s more than just tattoo, my personal body art

  • Sleeves/chest

    This is a personal family tree for me including some amazing people I’ve met along the way.

  • No Title

    Great Tattoos representing chapters of my life

  • Pride

    It represents stages of life and pride

  • Good vs. Evil

    My right sleeve is a zombie apocalypse. It’s dark. My left half sleeve (unfinished) is a tree of life. It’s full of beautiful creatures and lots of color. My chest has the quote “Omertà” on it. It’s the code of… [ read more ]

  • Computer Arms

    I’ve been totally into computers for more than 20 years now. People usually tell me that I’m more machine than man, these tattoos show that. They are covered with hidden logos of the various technologies that I have used over… [ read more ]