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  • Power over the past

    The skulls represent my past. The ace of spade card represent the power I have over my past and the demons within my past.

  • sailors’ adventure

    It portrays my experience while I served in the Navy for four years.

  • Drink me

    This tattoo has a great deal of meaning, the cork aspect is in reference to my mother, the “drink me” label is in reference to alice in wonderland ( particularly the 1985 version) and the blood and poison for my… [ read more ]

  • Karma

    Karma is a huge factor in my life. And if you mess with Karma, she’ll bite back, hence the vampire teeth.

  • Enter the Dragon

    This tattoo means so much to me. It describes my life lessons, of good and evil, friends and foes and what lies behind all deceptions and truths.

  • religion

    It gave me freedom of creating something different for my canvas plus complimented their religion

  • skull

    Its something that i always wanted to do is tattoo and that was my first one with a professional gun all my others was with a home made gun so i thought it turned out good

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