• Space by Ricky Emerson read em and weep tattoos cincinnati

    Childhood imagination

  • galaxy within

  • Part 1 – Ryan G’s Nerd Sleeve – Beaches of Dreams

    This is my first sleeve. This image is just a part of the larger project. It sort of tells the tale of growing up. Living in a beach town. Traveling to japan. Then my journey begins, where the stars are… [ read more ]

  • Soul of planets

    I’ve been waiting this tattoo for a long time, this is just when they finished doing, has great significance for me as it is the first tattoo I’ve done that each of the planets is a part of me, shows… [ read more ]

  • Universe has my back

    Just a reminder that no matter what…the universe has my back.

  • Solar System

    This sleeve was my first big tattoo, and I had always pictured myself as having a lot of tattoos as an adult, even when I was very little. I always found them to be fascinating and beautiful on other women… [ read more ]

  • Space Alien By Lord Dunce AKA Ross

    Space Sleeve By Lord Dunce At Pins & Needles Tattoo in Brockton, MA @lorddunce357


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