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  • My dragon

    My dragon was my first of many tattoo’s. I have been into fantasy & history since I was a little girl I have wanted to have my own dragon why I waited so long I don’t know. Little did I… [ read more ]

  • We are made of starstuff.

    I have always been so enthralled by space. I find it fascinating that the atoms that make up our bodies are the same atoms that once made up stars, and vice versa. The universe is so powerful. We are a… [ read more ]

  • My Mandala Ink

    This is my energy in visual form.

  • Love Letter to the Stars

    The combination of the chest piece and the abdominal addition represents a journey for me which started several years ago with a vision. To me, the chest piece which was inspired by Alex Grey’s painting “Dying” appears as a sort… [ read more ]

  • Space Skull

    I’ve developed a general theme of skulls, roses, and space and this fell into that category. This was a custom design my tattoo artist created for me.

  • Galactic Tiger

    I love space and cats and my tattoo artist created this custom tattoo for me.

  • Floating color

    I was honored to place this piece on a an old friend that never ceases to take flight in life

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