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  • Dragon Sleeve

    I am the dragon, the 6 outlined stars are m,y family and everything else is my struggle.

  • Jérôme PINA

    My tattoos mean some crossing my life, my artistic creations and certain visions that I often with future worlds and eras move in time, I transmitted all in my videos. Jerome PINA

  • The Key to the Cosmos is Death

  • Deep thoughts

  • Space Goat

    My tattoo has a lot of significance for me, I use to paint and draw Aries women in space, and write short stories about them. When I started searching for an artist I wanted to find someone who could capture… [ read more ]

  • Galaxy tear out

    “Be humble for you are made of Earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.”

  • I want to believe

    Growing up I loved to watch the X files with my dad. I love the unexplained and the possibilities of what’s out there. ….and aliens and ufo’s are just awesome!

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