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  • I want to believe

    Growing up I loved to watch the X files with my dad. I love the unexplained and the possibilities of what’s out there. ….and aliens and ufo’s are just awesome!

  • Giena Todryk

  • Giena Todryk

  • Time and Space

    Tattoo artist : Marcin sonski from Skin City Tattoo Dublin Ireland!

  • the final frontier

    Helps me understand there I no limit to what we can achieve when we really want something

  • Space

    My space tattoo reminds me that life is limitless and not yet fully explored.

  • Threatened octopus.

    This tattoo is my confidence literally being worn on my sleeve. Octopus are bad ass creatures and they mean business. The octopus on my shoulder in this tatt is inking, as if it were threatens by another force and their… [ read more ]