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  • Japanese side and thigh piece

    This piece hits home after a break up with my ex fiancé of 8 years. The sparrow represents my freedom from the hurt, the cherry blossoms in traditional Japanese meaning means strength, renewal, and love..also appropriate. The tiger represents my… [ read more ]

  • Drawn by Me

    I drew this tattoo myself for my son.

  • One Cent Sparrow

    This tattoo is based off of Matthew 10:29-31. As a sinful person it’s hard to remember that God would even notice me but as the verse says, not one sparrow falls apart from God. If God can see a bird… [ read more ]

  • What lies beneathe

    My client told me the story of her very much admired family, her grandmother being one, whom struggled with illness and suffering, but maintained her beauty; her name was rose, which is why that flower was chosen. My client also… [ read more ]

  • Watercolor sparrow

    Me and my husband both got our sparrow tattoo as a symbol of starting over in our marriage. Mine is a watercolor his is a graffiti sparrow.

  • sparrow


  • Sparrow Rose Diamond

    I’ve gotten three tattoos to represent the relationship between my best friend/wife. It all started when she got the word “Love” tattooed on the back of her neck, and the “o” as a heart. I wanted something to represent love… [ read more ]

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