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  • Venom

    I’ve been a huge venom fan all my life in the old comics his conical dark sadistic humor always had me laughing

  • The Amazing Spiderman Issue #75

    Growing up my family and I were poor and all my money that I made from any thing I did went to Spiderman Comics. Spiderman helped me get through some tough times. No matter what was going on, I could… [ read more ]

  • nude spiderman

  • superhero

    I like the marvel super heros I am covering my right side of my body with them.

  • Spiderman chest piece

    Symbolizes the childhood I never had and my family calls me there hero that they wouldn’t no what to do without me plus it is a badass piece

  • image

    To me the villain makes the super hero. Hero’s must be tested constantly to truly see what their made of. So the crazier the villain the better the hero will ultimately be. Carnage is the one villain of spiderman that… [ read more ]

  • carnage

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