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  • Dark Side for Life

    I have adored Star Wars for my entire life. I am almost 33 and after 2 years of hemming and hawing I finally got my Dark Side tattoo done.

  • Boba Fett

    My love for Star Wars !!

  • Ewoking Dead

    I grew up loving Star Wars and the Ewoks. Literally every morning was spent with my little brother watching Ewoks Battle for Endor on an old VHS tape that had been recorded off the tv complete with the classic Mc… [ read more ]

  • Vader’s Grip

    I wanted to cover up a 20 year old mistake! What better than to seal it away forever with Vader!?

  • tattoo college

    I grew up with star wars and final fantasy. So i decided to get tattoos that represent that. The skull with snake going through it was one of my brother’s drawings he had done.

  • Han shot first

    @_tattooine Done by Anthony guido @anthonygtattoos

  • Boba Fett

    Star Wars has been one of my favorite movie series since I was a kid and the very first character I ever knew and loved was Boba Fett. So when I decided to get a Star Wars tattoo it was… [ read more ]

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