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  • a life story

    They all tell a different story about events that had happened in my life

  • The Key to the Cosmos is Death

  • stars

    My nickname is Hollywood from my grandpa and stars are symbolic for him.a positive reminder of him since he passed away in 2007.

  • Ears

    Pentagram Dreamcatcher – Pentagrams are symbols for protection, and dreamcatchers are used to allow only good dreams to come through. Star – Stars are suns. Suns are beautiful, bright, and support life. I believe suns represent women. 13 – I… [ read more ]

  • InMemory

    my chest piece represents my grandparents and great grandmother who have all passed. Both my great grandmother and grandmother (who raised me) passed away from pancreatic cancer. Both of them loves roses. The azalea that is at the bottom is… [ read more ]

  • Starry Nite Tattoo

  • dart vaider

    Great art work by my friend od firs charity tattoo convention.All the money from tattooes went to help kids with mental problems

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