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  • Marilyn Monroe day of the dead

    My sleeve is made up of Japanese figures that I have chosen specifically to identify myself with. I believe in the beauty, art, talent, and ideology of a geisha. I am a snake in the Chinese zodiac chart, which is… [ read more ]

  • Chest piece for daughter

    All about and for my 6 year old daughter! Her name, roses for her beauty, nautical star for her direction, 2 swallows facing each other for love and us being together as recently separated from wife, stars to symbolise without… [ read more ]

  • Summer fun

    The floral piece is something I always wanted. I think it’s a very beautiful Tattoo. The nautical stars represent self discovery and the name represents my husband.

  • Wolf pup and panther

    This represents me, as the wolf pup, and my mother, as the panther. It shows how opposite we are but also how similar we are. She is always looking out for my while I still learn the ways of the… [ read more ]

  • Wolf pup and panther

    The wolf pup represents me and the panther represents my mother. It represents how opposite we are but how similar we are. She is always looking out for me while I still learn the ways of the world.

  • 6/24 marriage plus nine more

    This is nine stars..five black ..four pink..and the anniversary day that changed my life forever..I am raising nine wonderfull children that are the reason for the stars..and the date my husband can never forget..

  • sexy side

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