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  • Dreamcatcher and Stars

    I’ve always been fascinated with dreamcatchers. I had this done at a low point in my life, when I felt like my aspirations were so far away from my reach. I had the stars done a couple of years after… [ read more ]

  • Famous Stars And Straps

    Travis Barker is my icon, and since i was a kid i love all of his Famous products

  • BlackBettie

    It is everything I love!

  • Music n my kids

    It’s three thing that mean so much to me n have touched me n so many ways being music n my two kids

  • image

    The death of my father the money I will make when I become a star.

  • jennifermockstars

  • stars

    The stars represent a different person who has helped me succeed and also have helped me grow mentally and physically.

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