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  • Gorgeous Train Wreck

    it explains how i feel, like a gorgeous train wreck

  • Lily star

  • My Tattoos Are My Story

    It represents my pirate ancestry.

  • Nature owl

    Barn owls signify wisdom, intelligence, protection and freedom. I got the owl in mid flight as this represents that it’s independent and free to go wherever, whenever, which is how I see my life… No limits.

  • New Boxers!

    These are all of my favorite tattoos that I’m proud to show off.

  • Family Ties

    This was my first tattoo and my brother designed it for me. The Chinese characters means Chang, my last name. My father is 100% Chinese and I thought it was important to keep my heritage alive!

  • prison ink

    5 years in prison and got my whole body done besides my left arm was done on the streets.


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